Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My sweet Jake.  He finished the summer swim team even though he would prefer to be doing just about anything else!  He was a trooper.

Danielle was the high point winner for her age group and broke 3 records, one of which was set in 1999 by a swimmer who went on to the Olympic trials. 

Luke at the swim team banquet.  He thinks he can do the strokes and dive, too!

Danielle at Invitationals over the weekend.  A good start can make all the difference.

Danielle poolside where we spend a LOT of time.

The pool in Danielle's eye...

We finally finished up summer swim team and started Danielle's new year round team today.  The coaches have their eye on her and a plan in place.  Pretty exciting and a good challenge for her.  Jake and Allie are supportive of their big sister and the time swimming takes.  Sweet siblings!

As for me, trying to keep my running on the radar so I can attempt the marathon again and working on school prep for the year.  Danielle is in high school, Jake is starting middle school, Allie is starting 1st grade, and Luke is doing his therapy and soaking up anything he can.

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  1. I love the picture of the pool in Danielle's eye!